Bent Over Barbell Row: How To, Benefits, Variations


The barbell bentover row is the mack daddy of all of the rowing variations. It strengthens your higher and decrease again, shoulders, biceps, forearms, and grip. Plus, being within the hip-hinge place beneath load for time improves your lower and upper back endurance. Guess what that’s good for? You guessed it, your deadlift.

When you have points conserving tight within the hinge place and the underside of your deadlift, spending extra time there with the bentover row is crucial. The barbell bentover row is nearly the proper train to improve your deadlift performance however that’s not the one profit. Listed here are some essential benefits of coaching the barbell bentover row.

The right way to Carry out the Bentover Barbell Row

  1. Carry out a correct hip hinge and seize a loaded barbell with a grip that’s barely wider than shoulder-width aside.
  2. Along with your chest up and shoulders down row the barbell to your stomach button.
  3. Maintain your elbows angled at about 45 levels all through the train.
  4. Pause on the prime place of the row after which slowly decrease the load again down.
  5. Reset and repeat in your desired reps.

Advantages of the Bentover Barbell Row

  • Improved Posture: The loaded hip-hinge place of the bentover row will increase the energy and endurance of the muscle mass which are essential for good standing posture, the higher and decrease again. Workout routines just like the bentover row reinforce good spinal management to withstand rounding within the higher and decrease again.
  • Added Muscle and Energy: The bentover row provides energy and mass to your higher again, lats, and erector spinae. It’s a great strength and muscle-building exercise as a result of it permits the lifter to make use of extra load than different rowing variations. Plus, it engages your forearms and biceps resulting in a stronger grip.
  • Improved Deadlift and Pulling Efficiency: Sustaining a loaded hip hinge whereas pulling improves the energy and endurance in your decrease and higher again. Plus, the glutes and hamstrings are working isometrically to maintain you in an excellent hip hinge place. The barbell bentover enhances the energy and endurance of the muscle mass required for deadlifting and different pulling workout routines.


As nice because the barbell bentover row is, coaching it exhausting and heavy could be powerful on the decrease again and elbows. Plus, rowing bilaterally strength imbalances between sides can occur. For this reason it’s at all times useful to have some variations to handle these issues.

Listed here are three bentover row variations to up your back game:

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