Kristina Mendoza Shares Her Leg Day Secrets


IFBB Professional League ladies’s bodybuilder Kristina Mendoza has a physique worthy of standing on any stage, however what followers know her finest for are her quads. Understanding lots of people surprise what her keys are for building great legs, she shared her insights with Whitney Jones and Alina Popa on a current episode of Femme Flex Friday. The 2021 Chicago Professional runner-up is aware of that essentially the most progress is made in her offseason.

“There’s quite a lot of energy entering into. Coaching will get increasingly intense because the energy go up,” mentioned Mendoza. She additionally shared that she used to coach legs twice every week, however has now backed it right down to as soon as.

“I’m attempting to carry my higher physique up, be just a little extra symmetrical with the legs, so I’ve higher move and stability onstage.”

Mendoza went on to say that she trains hamstrings and quads on the identical day with adductors added in as nicely. After warming up with a motorbike and the adductor machine, she is going to prepare hamstrings first. Then, she begins her quad work with leg extensions.

“I prefer to burn them out just a little bit earlier than I get into the compound actions just like the leg press or squat machine,” Mendoza defined. After a quick introduction, Mendoza then demonstrates every of the actions that she likes to work with. She warms up earlier than entering into the exercise, however she nonetheless takes her time earlier than coaching heavy.

“I like to start out with lighter weight for the primary couple of units earlier than I work up into my working units,” she instructed Jones and Popa. Mendoza performs two to a few lighter units earlier than doing one working set. She additionally mentioned that she could comply with that up with a “back-off” set with lighter weight and extra reps.

Watch the episode in its entirety to be taught the ideas and methods that assist Mendoza grasp the decrease physique muscle tissues. You possibly can see all episodes of Femme Flex Friday over at

2021 Chicago Professional runner-up Kristina Mendoza Leg Exercise

  • Seated Leg Curl – 2-3 gentle units of 8-12 reps, 1 heavy work set of 8-12 reps
  • Mendacity Leg Curl (Dumbbell Model Proven) – 2-3 gentle units of 8-12 reps, 1 heavy work set of 8-12 reps
  • Romanian Deadlifts – 2-3 gentle units of 8-12 reps, 1 heavy work set of 8-12 reps
  • Leg Extensions – 2-3 gentle units of 8-12 reps, 1 heavy work set of 8-12 reps
  • Leg Press – 2-3 gentle units of 8-12 reps, 1 rest-pause work set to failure.

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