Landmine Press Exercise: How To, Benefits, Variations


Landmine coaching was in vogue lengthy earlier than the landmine attachment existed. Previous-school lifters jammed the barbell right into a nook to do T-bar rows and so they nonetheless do. Now due to the minds of inventive coaches, landmine coaching is an effective way to train your muscles from multiple angles and positions. The most well-liked of those workout routines is the landmine press.

The landmine press is nice for lifters who lack the shoulder mobility to press a barbell overhead. It’s additionally a pleasant change-up from overhead and bench urgent additionally. Right here we are going to go into what the landmine press is, do it, the muscle tissues skilled, the advantages, and add it to your programming.

What’s the standing landmine press?

The landmine overhead press is a novel urgent train because it falls someplace in the course of being each a vertical and horizontal press. That is because of the angle of the barbell that’s both wedged right into a nook or inserted in a landmine attachment. The angle creates an arch that permits lifters to go overhead with out placing pressure on the shoulder or compressive load on the backbone, making this a godsend for lifters who lack the shoulder mobility to go overhead and for those with lower-back issues.

The way to do the standing landmine press

  1. Stand together with your toes hip-width aside holding the top of the barbell with one hand.
  2. Maintain the top of the barbell a number of inches away out of your shoulder and interact your lats, grip, and core.
  3. Press to lockout by extending the elbow and reaching ahead on the finish of the motion.
  4. Slowly decrease again down and repeat.

Muscle groups skilled

The standing landmine press is a predominately upper-body train. However as a consequence of standing and lifting unilaterally, this train challenges your stability and core stability. Listed below are the muscle tissues skilled by the standing landmine press.

Higher physique

  • Forearms
  • Higher again (rhomboids, traps)
  • Rotator cuff
  • Triceps
  • Anterior deltoids
  • Pectorals (to a much less extent)

Decrease physique

Landmine press advantages

The landmine press trains the overhead sample safely for all lifters and is a superb variation for individuals who have shoulder or lower-back points. Listed below are a number of necessary advantages of the standing landmine press.

  • Elevated grip energy: Since you’re gripping the fats finish of the barbell, your grip muscle tissues are working more durable to carry the barbell in place. This engages the rotator cuff, which then offers you higher shoulder stability.
  • Works round shoulder mobility points: Because of the distinctive urgent path, this permits lifters with mobility points to coach the overhead press safely.
  • Reduces compressive load of the backbone: For lifters affected by lower-back points, the angle of the landmine offers your backbone a break from the compressive load on the backbone that comes from urgent a barbell overhead.
  • Higher core stability and reduces energy imbalances: Resulting from lifting unilaterally, your physique turns into unbalanced and your core muscle tissues interact to forestall your torso from rotating to the load aspect throughout the press. If in case you have a energy imbalance between sides lifting unilaterally will assist enhance this, which results in urgent extra weight together with your bilateral lifts.
  • Trains muscle tissues from totally different angles: The angle of landmine coaching is a combination between vertical and horizontal, coaching within the in-between zone. This angle and flexibility of the landmine will let you practice closely within the standing, tall kneeling, and half-kneeling positions.

3 frequent standing landmine press errors

The standing landmine press appears easy sufficient. You stand there and press the barbell away out of your shoulder. However there are a number of necessary issues it is advisable do to get the perfect out of this train.

  1. Gripping the bar incorrectly: Some both don’t maintain the top of the barbell, or in the event that they do, their wrist tends to roll again, inflicting wrist extension and vitality leaks whereas urgent. Stop this by holding the top of the barbell tight and putting your thumb on the finish of the barbell to assist cease the wrist from rolling.
  2. Fixing your beginning place: There’s an inclination to begin with the top of the barbell too near your shoulder and never interact your lats and higher again. This causes the shoulder to roll ahead and makes the beginning of the press tougher.
  3. Going by means of the complete vary of movement: Some lifters rob themselves by simply urgent and returning to the beginning place. However when your press and attain ahead with a slight torso lean you’ll enhance shoulder mobility and practice all components of the motion.

The way to add it to your routine

There are a number of methods to program this relying in your shoulder mobility. For those who’re utilizing this as your major overhead choice due to restricted shoulder mobility or ache, program this on a day while you’re not benching for both energy or hypertrophy. Pairing this with a carry, core, or leg train works effectively. For instance,

1A. Single-arm standing landmine press: Six to 12 reps (all sides)

1B. Farmer’s carry: 40 yards

Whenever you need to add the landmine press for further overhead urgent quantity with out the shoulder stress, program for increased reps two days after you overhead press. Pair with a triceps train for improved lockout energy. For instance:

1A. Single-arm standing landmine press: 12 reps (all sides)

1B. Overhead triceps extension: 12 to twenty reps

Weight set-and Rep Solutions

Under are tips on program the landmine press for energy and hypertrophy. These are solely tips and could be modified to suit your private targets.

Hypertrophy: Time beneath stress and quantity is the important thing to gaining muscle with any train together with the landmine press. Performing three to 5 units of six to 12 reps, resting a minute to 90 seconds

Energy: This isn’t the best train to carry out for energy, however many individuals discover this higher for his or her shoulders and again than overhead presses. If that is so for you and need to practice for energy, do three to 5 units of three to 6 reps with heavy loading. Relaxation two to a few minutes between units.

Landmine press variations

The great thing about the landmine setup is you possibly can arrange in several physique positions to coach your muscle tissues at totally different angles for higher muscle improvement. Listed below are three variations to up your landmine press recreation and to enhance your hip mobility and core stability.

Half-kneeling landmine press

By decreasing your heart of mass, you possibly can press with out an excessive amount of compensation from the pelvis and decrease again. And this place additional trains core stability, hip mobility, and anti-rotational core advantages. The press arch is extra overhead than horizontal, making this tougher than the standing landmine press.

Tall kneeling landmine press

Urgent within the tall kneeling place trains your glute energy as a result of your posterior is engaged to maintain you upright. Plus, it additionally acts as a type test, because it’s simpler to see approach errors corresponding to overarching the decrease again whereas urgent overhead. And taking the decrease legs out farther provides to the problem of the raise due to your lack of ability to “cheat” the burden up.

Aspect to aspect landmine press

The side-to-side landmine press is much like the standing variation about besides it’s carried out with two fingers whereas alternating the urgent angle by going from shoulder to shoulder. With the mix of shut grip and being carried out with two fingers, you’ll raise extra weight than the standing model.

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