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Success in SailGP comes right down to teamwork and communication. As a one-design class, all 10 groups use the identical gear for every race and have entry to one another’s workforce knowledge. The F50 catamaran can attain speeds of as much as 60 mph and is designed in order that efficiency and outcomes are positioned instantly within the palms of the elite athletes on board corresponding to Jimmy Spithill.

Because the skipper for the USA SailGP Group, Jimmy Spithill is answerable for understanding the logistics of the occasion in case there are any adjustments to the place the beginning and end level shall be, speaking along with his crew on board, and making the choice on the place to go on the racecourse. Whereas easy in clarification, Spithill’s coaching is something however. U.S. SailGP Team Athletic Performance Director Craig McFarlane is tasked with ensuring every member on the workforce is at their finest come race day.

Beneath, is simply what one in all Spithill’s periods entails. Additionally, don’t overlook to hydrate, he says.

Courtesy of SailGP

Jimmy Spithill’s  SailGP Energy & HIIT Session Stream

  1. Mobility & Activation (10 min.)
  2. Agility & Reactive drills (10 min.)
  3. Structural power (15 min.)
  4. HIIT / MetCon (20-30 min.)
  5. Restoration (5-10 min.)

Mobility + Activation Session

U.S. SailGP Group Athletic Efficiency Director Craig McFarlane says that the key idea right here is to prep Jimmy Spithill for the actions and muscle teams that he shall be utilizing within the session, particularly firstly.


  • Backbone: MacFarlane focuses on spinal mobility by all ranges: flexion, extension, and rotation. This releases lots of muscular pressure and creates extra pliability with the musculoskeletal system.
  • Hips: Varied hip openers and yoga-derived poses are carried out every day. The hip area are prime movers for any sport and are the middle of energy and stability. Jimmy, like most drivers on an F50 have tight hips — each posterior and anterior — because of consistently standing and stabilizing in such a dynamic and aggressive setting to permit for the higher limbs to carry out unimpeded international motion (steering) & finer advanced sensory motion (button perform on the steering wheel).
  • Shoulders: Keep shoulder mobility and suppleness may be very damage preventive and mitigates any down-streaming tendinopathy that drivers can expertise with their elbows/forearms, as a result of fixed gripping required on the wheel.


There’s a bias towards the posterior chain – we’re speaking glutes, hamstrings, decrease again. Spithill’s crusing place includes standing. That is the place by which he lives on the F50, so we have to make the activation actions and workout routines translatable.

Agility & Reactive Drills

Some cognitive qualities that the F50 drivers have to work on are: focus, focus, response time, and foot work.

“I wish to get up the nervous system and better perform cognition earlier within the session. I’ll use numerous close-space reactive agility drills the place I’ll make the most of all sensory parts corresponding to sight, sound, contact.

I’ll begin off with a mixture of leap rope work right into a band-resisted fast-leg turnover drill. I’ll loop a resistance band across the waist, and I present an anchor and resistance from behind. The athlete maximally sprints on the spot for 5 seconds then a simple jog for 5 seconds, 3 times for 2 rounds. These low-level resisted legs flip over drills will assist all of the F50 athletes be extra deliberate and faster crossing the platform between maneuvers to carry out their positional crusing perform faster.

Then there shall be footwork and agility drills by which he’ll react to a a number of sensory coaching immediate — beginning with a visible cue then reacting with a number of verbals throughout the drill or job. These drills will progressively enhance in complexity.

SailGP skipper Jimmy Spithill using his strength and HIIT workout to steer a F50 catamaran in a race
Courtesy of SailGP

Structural Energy

Energy is as a lot about injury prevention and constructing bodily resilience. A driver like Spithill will get thrown round simply as a lot because the grinders on the F50. Energy equals stability equals efficiency!

There may be massive deal with asymmetrical, and midline core power coaching that may problem all structural methods. The power part will contain a key lower-body motion with a complementary lower-body accent train for 3 to 4 units with a brief relaxation.

MacFarlane will make use of the “useless time” throughout the remainder interval between units and embody injury-prevention work particular to the athlete or positional wants. Shoulder stability and rotator cuff strengthening is a go-to for the drivers.

1a. Single-leg Kettlebell Deadlift because the Key Motion
This helps:

    • Posterior chain: glutes, hamstrings, again.
    • Posterior slings: fascia that journey down from and diagonally, that retains the skeletal system steady when unbalanced.
    • Core
    • Stability

1b. Single Steadiness with Lateral Wall Ball Throw
This helps:

    • Co-contraction
    • Steadiness
    • Hand-eye coordination
    • Core

I’ll comply with up the decrease physique couplet with a brief higher physique power couplet that may have Push + Pull. To get maximal advantages and stimulus, it’s necessary for the drivers to elevate heavy and difficult hundreds as properly.

This higher shall be shorter three units with very quick relaxation (about 60 seconds) between units:

2a. Single-arm Standing Cable or Band Press: Go heavy for six reps.
This helps:

    • Heavy weight will problem all structural methods
    • Standing will have interaction core to maintain steady, sq., and keep away from forces rotation
    • Potential to anchor and stabilize from hips down while higher is dynamically transferring below closely loaded stress. An excessive simulation of F50 stress
    • Pushing power
    • Bracing

2b. Single-arm Kettlebell Bentover Row (unsupported): Heavy for 8 reps.
This helps:

    • Again power.
    • Posterior chain below an Isometric (non-moving) load.
    • Core
    • Stability

Establishing in a steady hinge place with a large steady base, pull the kettlebell as much as facet of torso, retaining elbow excessive and near your facet.

Bear in mind to utilize the “useless time” throughout the remainder interval between units. That is additionally good for a low-level bodily work out. Most drivers wish to work on grip strength or finer grip power. So numerous carries that problem the grip.

Skipper for SailGP Jimmy Spithill sailing on a F50 catamaran
Courtesy of SailGP

Cardio Block – HIIT/ MetCon

These cardio blocks are very metabolically dense — which incorporates high-energy expenditure, and goal a number of power capacities, ability, and sensory parts.

Boxing could be one of many largest bangs on your cardio buck for all SailGP F50 drivers. Once you take a look at the F50 crossover advantages, you’ll be able to perceive why Jimmy Spithill has not solely embraced this artwork however taken it to a different stage.

Drivers have to work on:

  • Focus
  • Focus
  • Response rime

The boxing will build up skill and technique work getting the hips and ft transferring, protecting all punch variations and evasive strategies. The ability complexity will progress shortly having to recollect a number of punch and motion mixtures while avoiding getting hit with the pads. The entire mixtures problem focus, focus and response time. Then solely when the complexity settles within the magic is added — compromising the respiration and coronary heart charge. That is executed by integrating shuttle work, boat weight, core workout routines, and overlaying the sensory response coaching just like earlier within the session.

This cardio block will undulate blocks of depth with very quick restoration durations. It’s throughout the restoration durations that Jimmy will focus on breathwork and respiration strategies to decrease his coronary heart charge quickly, shift out of the flight or struggle sympathetic state to a extra relaxed parasympathetic state. It is a approach he makes use of on the F50.


That is three to 5 minutes of very low-intensity cardio or stroll, adopted by stretching for key physique areas.

Maintain the stretch block quite simple – three key stretches and maintain then for 2 to 4 minutes every!!

  • Sofa Stretch: This hits the anterior hips, quads.
  • Half-seated straddle: We do that for the hamstrings, adductor, decrease again.
  • Bench stretch: This works the again and shoulders.

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